Monday, August 23, 2010

This past weekend Josh and I decided to test our patience and finally install the crown molding that has been sitting in our garage since March. I got it one day when I went to Home Depot with my boss and could take advantage of her truck. Those contractor packs are an amazing deal and I just couldn't resist!

We've heard how hard it is to install so we were prepared to not be talking to each other by the time we were done but it actually went fairly smoothly and there were no arguments. That said, we don't want to install any more any time soon - it was pretty tricky!

We put it in the guest room and craft room (and then had just enough left over to put some in our closet of a laundry room - yay!) and I'll post entire room pics eventually but for now I just have to say that I am so thankful for caulk and paint.

Without it this:


could never look like this:


So far I've only caulked and painted the guest room so I still have some work to do.

There were 3 injuries on this project:
1. I dropped a pointed piece of molding onto my baby toe - it now has a gash, and is swollen and bruised
2. I stepped off the chair I was using as a ladder and rammed my thigh onto the top of back support (or whatever its called) - I have a huge bruise and a hard lump
3. While pulling the painter's tape off the wall I forgot the ceiling fan was on and my hand went into the spinning blades - so 2 of my fingers have a few little slices in them

Guess who the clumsy one is?? :-)

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Terry said...

OUCH....hope you are healing quickly!!! The crown molding looks great though, so well worth the effort!!