Sunday, June 21, 2009


Happy Father's Day!

Love you.


[crazy hair and beady little eyes - that's a look only a father could love :-) ]

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not much to report

Josh and I are total homebodies so we like nothing more than hanging out at home with our pets. We've been doing a lot of that lately so there is a definite lack of exciting updates for the blog. So instead here are some random shots I've taken lately.

The heirloom tomato plant finally has (one) fruit! I am super excited because I was convinced the plant was a dud. The cherry tomato plant currently has about 60 (yes, I counted) tomatoes in various stages of growth. A friend suggested I vibrate the flowers with an electric toothbrush to increase pollination and it appears to be working.

Zeke still enjoys posing for glamour shots. He's nice :-)

Monkey is getting used to Zeke - I think eventually they'll be friends. Hobbes is still not interested.

We've been going to the park almost everyday so Zeke can play with his friends. Josh is always good about taking water for them - he's a good dad :-)

We are STILL working on the living room - we may never be done in here.

Monkey is still the cutest cat in the world.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Stunner shades

We had our eyes dilated at our annual eye exam today. Of course we forgot to bring sunglasses so we had to wear the stylish wrap-arounds. I've worn them on their own before but wearing them with glasses takes them to a whole new level.



There's an unofficial dog park near our house and Zeke has had fun meeting and playing with other dogs. His favorite is Ellie - she's his best friend.

Sometimes they hang out calmly like this:

... but most of the time they do this:

("I've got you!" ... "No-I've got you!!")
Good times!