Friday, August 27, 2010

Garden pretties

There isn't much in bloom in our garden besides the lavender and a lone flower on the african daisy plant but my camera and I still found some beauty.

The lone daisy next to the lavender. Purple is not a favorite color of mine but I love the look of this photo.


The sun was low in the sky and cast pretty rays across the garden.


Elephant bush after being watered.


There's a bit of a caterpillar infestation on my sweet broom. I only use earth friendly 'pesticides' and so far nothing is working. They are slowly but surely eating the entire plant.


See all those munched leaves?


They are kind of cool looking though.

1 comment:

Terry said...

Those photos are so have enough talent for 10 people!!!
Zach will love the caterpillar shots-he just ordered some in the mail. He's really into caterpillars after learning about them in school.