Saturday, June 28, 2008


This morning Josh was at work and I should have been cleaning the apartment, so naturally I decided to go shopping. I checked out the candy section at Cost Plus to see if they had any of my favorite South African and English candies. I was so excited to see these:

I absolutely LOVE liquorice allsorts!!! It is rare that I find them in stores - I usually have to stock up when I go to England, or buy them from an overpriced online store. I love how it says "proper sweets" - so English! Josh (like most Americans) is not a fan of black liquorice so I also got some chocolate so he wouldn't feel left out. Also, they were giving all customers a free Eco tote which I thought was awesome - especially since its a totally snazzy cream cotton one and is much cuter than the ones I've bought from other stores!

After that I decided to have a quick look in Pier 1 since its right next door (and yes I realize this was an unnecessary stop since I was just there on Sunday) and bought a bar of dark chocolate soap. I love eating chocolate so why not try bathing in it?! I should really wait to try it since I already have 5 bars of soap in the shower but patience isn't really one of my virtues so I'm sure it'll be in the shower tomorrow morning :-)

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