Sunday, June 29, 2008

Smoke Alarm

So we've had this smoke situation for the past week. There were wild fires to the north and south of us last weekend and lucky us in the Bay Area ended up with all the smoke in our air. Usually we enjoy clear blue skies every day. This week we have been forced to endure grey, smoke filled skies - it looks like its overcast but there's actually not a single cloud in the sky. Its kind of creepy actually. We've been instructed to stay indoors as much as possible to avoid any health complications - although it took the authorities about 3 days to issue the warning.

This is Monday June 23rd. At the end of that road you should be able to clearly see hills in the background but they are barely visible.

This is Thursday June 26th. You can barely even see the outline of the hills - way too much smoke in the air!!!

Things are looking more normal today and there is even a hint of blue in the sky. Hopefully we'll be breathing clean air again in no time!

Here are the 3 pics side by side for your viewing pleasure :-)


Brandon and Becca said...

I can't believe I didn't know you had a blog. I'm excited I found it through the Quinlans though. Those smoke pictures are crazy. I'd keep staying indoors.

Laura said...

Wellll you probably didnt know because I've been slacking on sending out an email with the address ... luckily you found it on your own!