Sunday, October 24, 2010


I had plans to do some cool Halloween decor this year but the big day is a week away and so far I've only made 1 thing so I think I will have to reschedule the cool decor for next year!

I saw this awesome snake wreath in my Martha Stewart Living magazine and had to make one for our front door. It was super easy and cheap to make.

All you need is a grape vine wreath (usually around $4 at Michaels), snakes (found them at the dollar store), black spray paint, black craft paint and a hot glue gun.


Spray paint your wreath and hand paint the snakes with craft paint. (The first time around I spray painted the snakes - the large ones dried but the small ones got super sticky and never dried so I had to go back to the dollar store for more snakes - oops.)

Hand painting the small snakes doesn't take too long because you're just slapping a coat of paint on them - no need to be meticulous.

Once everything is dry hot glue the snakes to the wreath and you're done!


It looks grey-brown in some of the pictures but its actually black.



I painted the eyes and tongues red for a more creepy effect.

Of course we had a heat wave the week I put it up and the heat melted the glue so I came home from work one day and found half the snakes on the ground. Not awesome. So I added a little florist wire around the loose ones and since then they haven't moved.


Pretty cool huh?

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Terry said...

Love it...up close it looks really creepy!!! I love the painted eyes and tongues. You are just so creative. It looks great on your front door.