Friday, July 3, 2009

A peachy surprise

This past Sunday was hot. H-O-T-T hot. Mid-afternoon we went out on the back deck to check out the exact temperature. I wasn't kidding when I said it was hot.

While we were on the deck I started looking out at the left side of our yard. I generally try to avoid looking at it because it needs a lot of work and currently looks like this:

All of a sudden something caught my eye: what's growing on that tree and is that our tree? (Its hard to tell what is ours and what is coming over the fence from the neighbors.)

After wading through the grassy overgrowth I discovered that we have a peach tree absolutely covered in peaches!!! They are quite small (probably because we haven't watered the tree since, well, ever) but they looked good so I grabbed one and bit into it. It was delish! Josh was disgusted that I'd just grabbed a peach off the tree and bitten into it without washing it first - he thought it was a little too 'rustic' :-)

Next year I'm definitely trimming back the neighbors' trees and watering that baby - I figure if the tree did this well being totally ignored imagine how amazing the fruit will be with a little TLC!!!


Terry said...

Great find-now you don't even have to to go the orchard to pick peaches since they are right in your back yard. I'm a little jealous.

Baldwin Family said...

That's so great! I am jealous. I am going to have all kinds of stuff growing in our yard when I have enough time and money to do it. Nothing grows easily here. Enjoy your great soil in CA!