Friday, July 10, 2009

Mirror, mirror

Last weekend I had great luck at Home Goods. I've been looking for a large black mirror to go above the sofa in the living room but I've been having no luck. (Probably because I'm always looking for a major deal!)

Well at the very back of a stack of mirrors I found this blue one that is the perfect size AND marked down. Score! I didn't measure it exactly but its about 40" x 30".

(Zeke approves)

It has a wood frame so its easily paintable, and I had black paint leftover from when we made our headboard.

First a light sanding and a coat of tinted primer.

Then 3 coats of black semi-gloss paint.

Not bad for $36 + tax!

I still have to make throw pillows, finish the art/photo wall, and install the new light fixture and then I can check this room off my list. Yay for progress!!


Terry said...

You are so talented and thrifty. Can't wait to see the room when it is done but it looks pretty good so far. I love Zeke looking at himself in the mirror...he knows he's cute!!!!!

Baldwin Family said...

Of course it looks great. When can I hire you to come do our house???

Laura said...

Anytime Katty - I've never been to Texas! :-)