Friday, May 29, 2009


I'm probably getting a little ahead of myself but I am so excited about what I saw on my tomato plant today! As I've mentioned before I have a history of being a black thumbed plant killer but I am determined to grow tomatoes this year. I have 3 tomato plants growing in pots: 2 brandywine heirlooms (my favorite!) and 1 cherry and I've been getting frustrated because they keep growing flowers which just shrivel and up and die ... with no sign of fruit. Well this morning I spied a teeny little tomato (and an even teenier one next to it) on the cherry tomato plant - I was so excited I started yelling and ran inside to get Josh. He was kind enough to act excited too :-)

Based on this development I think I can say my thumb is now brown and heading towards dark green! :-)


Terry said...

Congrats...its a start!!!

Brandon and Becca said...

Hey, I thought you might like a tip on getting more fruit on your plants. Tomatoes pollenate very well with the natural vibrations that a honey bee provides when it's beating wings come in contact with the flower. If you don't have many pollenating bugs, you need to do this yourself. A cheap electric toothbrush is a great substitute. Just buzz each flower for a couple of seconds. You should see a lot more flowers yielding fruit if you do. Good luck! -Brandon