Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kitchen - a work in progress

Our kitchen is at the other end of the long family room / dining nook room. We still have a lot to do to get it looking exactly how we want it. Our goal for all projects around the house is to pay for them as we go – we don’t want to charge anything. Kitchen overhauls are pricey so this is going to be a looooong term project!

This is the kitchen the day we moved in:

(Rather dreary)

Things we were less than excited about:
*Boring 'builder basic' cabinetry with peeling finish
*Counter tops (they’re in good condition but just not really our style - not to mention the grout is a total pain to clean)
*Appliances in less-than-optimal condition (oven cooked hot and burned food half the time, microwave fan didn't work, dishwasher has broken off rusted prongs)
*Fluorescent lighting

Things we love:
*The room gets a good amount of light
*The sink in the corner in front of the 2 windows
*The island
*Lots of cabinet space

First we painted the walls and ceiling "Antique White" (the same as the rest of the room), and replaced the blinds. The paint color really helped to tone down the yellow-ness. Yay!

Then we replaced the microwave and stove.

This weekend we got rid of the fluorescent light and installed a gorgeous pendant. We had to hire an electrician to move the light outlet (or whatever its called) because the wires for the fluorescent light came out of the ceiling right by the stove - which would be a really odd spot to have the new pendant. This is what the ceiling looked like after he left - yikes!

I figured out how to patch dry wall and reapply wall texture and now it looks like this:

(Love it!)

Next I plan to paint the cabinets and add hardware. I'm excited but also dreading it because I know its going to be a LOT of work!


Terry said...

It looks so much better. I love the new appliances and the pendant light looks great-just the right size for the space.

Bridgette Ann said...

I love what you've done so far! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Next week I'll be posting my process for painting and my kitchen re-do. Stop back then! See you next week. Cheers. :)