Sunday, May 17, 2009

Powder Room

Oh happy day - the powder room is done! For being a tiny room it certainly was a lot of work!

As a refresher here is the powder room pre-makeover:

And here it is after we took it apart:

The toilet got to stay and I decided to keep the vanity base because it was in decent shape and I thought I could refinish it and save some money. Well let me just say that next time we tackle a bathroom I'm going to check out the prices of new ones because maybe spending a little money will be worth it if it saves me some headaches.

Anyway, on to the pictures! (I wish I could have got the whole room in the pic but its so small I couldn't make it work.)

(I love black and white and somehow it makes its way into every room!)

I decided to move the towel bar location from behind the door, where it was cramped and prevented the door from opening completely, to above the toilet. The replaced toilet roll holder also got moved from the side of the vanity to the wall.

Light fixture I found at Lowe's

Snazzy faucet I got an amazing deal on at Costco

Close up of the refinished vanity.
Sure it looks good now but these are the steps I had to take: sand off old varnish, prime, paint 2 coats, sand and touch up a few spots, polyurethane, wait a hundred years for the polyurethane to dry, install new hardware. Then after all that the 'standard size' vanity top we bought didn't really fit - apparently our vanity base wasn't quite standard size. We made it work though - just don't look too closely if you come visit :-)
It was a fun project and to complete it I had to learn some new skills. Now I know how to:
*patch drywall
*touch up texture on walls
*refinish a vanity
*replace a vanity top
*replace a faucet

We love it!!! Doesn't it look SO much better?!

Oh and the best part is that we stuck to a strict budget and I hunted down deals where I could so we ended up spending just under $350 to buy everything - that makes me love it even more!


Brandon and Becca said...

I was impressed before I saw how much it cost. With the cost I'm really impressed. I can't believe how much better it looks. I can't believe how much stuff you've redone in that house already.

Terry said...

It looks fantastic-you are truly amazing!!!!! You have a great sense of style-very simplistic and clean. I love the vanity-it looks brand new and the hardware is awesome. Great buys and a wonderful job. I'm jealous!!!!

Baldwin Family said...

It looks VERY nice. Can we hire you to come do our house???

Erica said...

Love the bathroom make over... it's amazing what a can of paint can do to a room! and Black & White is my favorite, you did an awesome job!