Friday, May 29, 2009

Fruit glorious fruit

We are lucky to live about 10 minutes from a bunch of fruit orchards so last weekend we headed over to pick some cherries and peaches.

You cant really tell from this photo but the cherries were literally dripping off the trees.

I had to resist the urge to grab handfuls and stuff them into my mouth - don't they look delicious?!

On the walk over to the peach trees we passed this huge field - I'm no expert but they looked like cherry tomato plants. Unfortunately there were no tomatoes yet (assuming that's what they're growing).

Delicious, soft, juicy peaches.

Our loot.

Since we had so many ripe peaches I made a dessert. Its a pie/cheesecake/crumble - I took a pie crust, poured in a cream cheese/egg/sugar mixture, added some sliced peaches, and put a crumbly topping on top. It was sooooooo yummy!

It was a good day :-)

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Anonymous said...

Seriously, that's just not fair....I'm so jealous!!!!!!