Friday, April 10, 2009

To-do List Mania

I am someone who likes lists (actually loves lists) so naturally I have to-do lists in my head and on various pieces of paper of projects I want to do in the house. Well its getting hard to keep track of all these lists and since I posted my April house goals the other day I thought I'd better get organized. In an attempt to simplify things I decided to give each room its own to-do list.

Sounds like a good idea right?

Well I tend to be a little too detail-oriented so somehow this:

* Finish guest room

Became this:

* Finish guest room
- Install crown molding
- Paint inside of closet
- Find removed closet doors and reinstall
- Paint door and trim
- Replace door knob
- Hang curtains
- Sand and re-stain bed a darker color
- Stain bedside tables to match
- Move furniture in and decorate

(I wont bore you to tears by posting the other rooms’ lists.)

It’s nice to have it all down on paper to refer to but now it looks like a lot more work … maybe the original disorganized list wasn’t so bad after all! :-)


Brandon and Becca said...

I love that it isn't just replace the doors, but find them first.

Laura said...

Haha yeah really!

I guess I should clarify that we weren't the ones who removed the doors, which is why we dont know where they are.
There's a bunch of miscellaneous crap in the garage so hopefully they're there.

Wood Crown Molding said...

It would be great to see some step-by-step pics of the rest of the projects you have to complete. I'm sure everything is coming together great. Have fun finishing the rest of the guest room.