Friday, April 3, 2009


I love having fresh flowers in the house but seldom buy any because there about a million other things I should be spending my money on.
I would grow my own flowers but I have a black thumb so it would be a waste of time.

Well I've been lucky this week!

Check out these daffodils I got at Trader Joes for $1.30 for a bunch of 10:

Sure, I had to put them in water and wait for them to open, but a few days later they look like this:

What a steal!
Also, we have these crazy, untamed rose bushes in our back yard that we’ve been trying to kill off because you risk your life every time you walk past them. So far we’ve cut about half of them down but the remaining ones are starting to flower. The roses are huge and so fragrant!

I love spring!


Brandon and Becca said...

If it ever quits snowing here we are going to plant some flowers. We use steer manure for soil so as long as they are watered they do really well (and the watering is on a timer). I don't have to do much. Those daffodils were a steal. I wish it felt like spring here....

Laura said...

Its still snowing there??? That's crazy!!

Does steer manure smell like, you know, manure? I saw it at Lowes and was intrigued but didnt get it incase it smelled wretched.

Baldwin Family said...

Those flowers are gorgeous! I am in the mood to garden. Too bad I can't seem to get it together with the kids running around crazy. We're working on it. I wish we could grow roses here!