Saturday, April 4, 2009

April Goals

I am a fan of lists. I enjoy checking things off but I am also guilty of just making a new list and rolling things over if I miss my deadline (this happens a lot!). I usually keep my lists to myself but I'm going to try posting it to see if it helps keep me on track.

These are my home-related goals for April:

1. Work on the guest room - so far we've painted, and put in a new ceiling fan and blinds. Now it needs all the details.

2. Paint the living room - totally dreading this because of the high ceilings. I'll post some 'before' shots soon.

3. Make some freezer meals - I love to cook but I work 10 hour days Monday to Thursday so I get home late and usually don't feel like cooking. I would happily eat cereal for dinner on those nights but my dear husband looks at me in disgust every time I suggest this.
(Anyone have any suggestions? I don't have much experience with freezing cooked food.)

That's it. I know it looks like a short list but believe me the painting alone is going to take forever. I'll report back at the end of the month with my progress.

And because no blog entry is complete without a picture, here's a cute shot of Zeke (who's 5 months old today) and Josh.

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