Saturday, March 7, 2009

Suggestions Needed

We're making progress in our family room but we hate the fireplace/mantel.
We'd rather not spend the money on major overhaul so I'm hoping someone has some (inexpensive) suggestions to make it look better.

Things we don't like:
*The molding around the tile is too small in scale for the fireplace
*The mirror mosaic is tack-o-rama and poorly executed
*The brass trim on the fireplace doors (we're more into the silver tone finishes)
*The fireplace doors are broken (note the tape)
*The tile has a pink-ish tone which is not really our thing

I'm open to any and all suggestions because right now I'm at a loss - every time I see that ugly mirror mosaic my mind goes blank!

1 comment:

Terry said...

Make the molding around the fireplace larger and have it cover up the mirror mosiac tiles. Stain it a dark color and I think that will take away from the pink tone on the tiles. You are very talented and I'm sure can do that yourself. Get new fireplace doors when you can afford them.
That's my suggestion.