Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lighting upgrade

When we moved into our house we put replacing the outdoor light fixtures on our to-do list. This was a low priority project but we were so tired of looking at the ugly things that we decided to tackle it this weekend.

Observe the existing light fixtures:

Back and side door (both have the same light)

Front door
Stylish, no?

(In this picture you can see some other projects on our to-do list: clean dirt off porch ceiling, paint door, replace door hardware.)
And here are the replacements:
Back and side door

Front door

It was an easy and inexpensive project ($80 for all 3 lights!) and we think the new lights are so much more attractive!


Brandon and Becca said...

Much improved. It makes a big difference too.

Baldwin Family said...

I love those light fixtures. You are so talented! Seriously, I'm so impressed with all the fun little projects you post about and they all look great.

Terry said...

Great improvement. I like the glass on the front door fixture-it looks like the one we have out front.