Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sproost quiz

Josh and I took this fun quiz where you rate pictures of rooms and it tells you your decorating style.

I was 60% cottage chic, 20% rustic revival, 20% zen style. I was surprised (i.e. didn't believe) that cottage chic was my main decorating style so I took the quiz again (it gives you different pictures) and I got 57% cottage chic, 29% contemporary, 14% nantucket style. Apparently I like cottage chic - who knew?! Josh has been teasing me ever since that I'm going to turn our house into a cottage.

Josh's results: 57% contemporary, 29% modern elegance, 14% vintage modern (exactly what I thought MY style was!!)

(I really loved this room and I'm pretty sure its not cottage chic)
What's your style?


Terry said...

I'm Wine Country Style...whatever that is!!!!!!

Terry said...

Took it again and got 50% Rustic Revival and 50% Nantucket Style.