Monday, March 2, 2009

Parental Failure

When we got Zeke we decided that we weren't going to let him up on the couch (we already have a cat hair problem so we didn't want to add dog hairs to the mix).

So much for that. We're such push-overs.


Baldwin Family said...

I love it. He's just lounging. We have plenty of similar parental failures. Some are just out of laziness, but lots are because Will gives me that little half grin and I can't help but give in. And he's not even two. We're in for some rough years with that one.

Terry said...

Zekey looks great-and very comfy on "his sofa"

Brandon and Becca said...

Not only did he get on the couch, he got a pillow to go with it. You've made the couch far too inviting. He does look fun though.