Friday, August 26, 2011

The kitchen is done!!

First lets look at some 'before' pics.

Here's an old photo I took when we looked at the house for the very first time (July 2008):
It doesn't really scream 'dream kitchen' but we liked the size and layout.

This is early 2009. We had already painted over that yellow-ish color on the walls and were getting ready to start replacing appliances (which took about 18 months because we saved up for them one by one).

And here we are 2 and a half years later:


We really love how the island came out. It was kind of wimpy before but adding trim really made it more substantial looking. The white outlet cover isn't ideal - maybe one day we'll find a paintable one that will blend in more.

My favorite part of this photo is the shiny subway tile. Its so pretty when it catches the light.

The top of the fridge looked bare so I grabbed the few cookbooks we own and put them in this wire basket I found at Home Goods. The glass jar was part of a Christmas gift from my boss. The white tin had a former life as a Christmas tin full of popcorn. Add a coat of white spray paint and now it holds dog food!


Goodies from the garden. I found that little marble cutting board at Home Goods for $4 and had to get it - we couldn't get marble counters so at least I still have a little bit of marble in my kitchen :-) The dinner bell used to belong to Josh's grandmom Donato and he would ring it when he was a kid. When she passed away Josh's mom saved it for him.

I got this old postage scale last year. I had been on the lookout for a vintage kitchen scale but they were always so pricey so when I saw the price tag on this one I snatched it up. Most people don't even notice that its not a kitchen scale. The utensil holder is actually a plant pot from Ikea.

We are lucky to have 2 big windows behind the sink that let in a ton of light. Without them I don't think we would have been able to get away with black cabinets!

I've had a hard time figuring out what to put in that big area behind the sink. That succulent is the only plant in our entire house - our dumb cats chewed on every plant I've brought in (and then puked green stuff everywhere) but they seem to leave this one alone.

This is the area to the left of the sink. We put a hook in the side of the cabinet so we could hang a towel up there. We used to hang the towel on the oven door handle but the dogs always knocked it off so this is working much better.

This is looking back towards the sliding doors that go out to the deck. I got the EAT letters at Michael's and painted them green. Those cabinets above the EAT letters are the first ones that got painted (back in November 2009 - a little embarrassing that it took me 18 months to complete all the cabinets!) and so far they are holding up well.

Treats for our spoiled dogs. They know the sound of the metal lids being turned and come running as soon as they hear it! That frame with the bird/french fry wording is actually hiding a really ugly phone jack that we couldn't find the right cover for.

And just for fun here are those 2 'before' photos with current photos from the same angle for comparison:


(I think the black table and chairs makes for a bit of black overkill but there's nothing wrong with them so they're staying - I think adding a colorful fabric runner to the table will help.)

And in honor of National Dog Day, my favorite kitchen accessories :-)

And that concludes our kitchen makeover! We love, love, LOVE it!!


Brandon and Becca said...

It looks awesome!!! So worth the wait. It seems like the make stainless outlet covers, and I've heard of people spray painting them. Just a thought. Impressive work!

Terry said...

Love, Love, Love "EAT" and all the other green touches. I think the little package in plastic bag that I sent you will be perfect in the room! It really looks amazing and I got a little misty when I saw the dinner many memories there! Beautiful job-all that hard work paid off. Zeke and Zoey look great also-they are such hams for the camera :)

bloominganne said...

It came out beautiful! What a total difference the black cabinets make. I love the touches of green too. I'm trying to work up the courage to paint my cabinets and you've inspired me. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Renovation looks wonderful. What type of paint did you use? Did you spray them?

Sara said...

A really impressive difference! We are working up the nerve to paint our old knoty pine cabinets, so thanks for the inspiration!

(btw - saw your link on mms)

Gracefully Vintage said...

Just Stunning..Love Paint.. what a transformation- Black can be tricky cna make a room seem smaller but wow-yours is magazine ready...
Thanks for Sharing some Great Inspiration..
(new follwer to)...

Shannon @ DoveNest28 said...

Your kitchen cabinet painting turned out beautiful! I have the same cabinets, and as soon as I find the time I'll be painting them. Black was high on my list of colors to paint them, so it's great to see what they could become. Your kitchen looks very inviting! The best are your kitchen "accessories"!

Meg said...

Looks amazing! Well done!! Your pitties are adorable too!

Laura said...

Thanks everyone for your kind compliments on our kitchen.

We used Behr and did one coat of primer, 2 coats of paint, and a coat of oil based polyurethane. I tried a foam roller (because it seemed like thats what most people recommended) but had too many bubbles so I ended up using a brush for everything. So much work but SO worth it in the end! :-)