Friday, November 26, 2010

Birthday girl

Today is our sweet little Zoey's 1st birthday!

Since we made Zeke wear a birthday hat it was only fair to do the same to her.


She wasn't very happy about it but kept it on long enough for me to get a decent shot.

She is such a dear - always in a good mood with her tail going non-stop. Her brother is a little neurotic so her laid back nature is appreciated.

Josh and I were looking at some photos of when we first got her and we'd forgotten what a mess she was: dull coat, ribs showing, and a face full of cuts from being attacked by another dog.


What is up with those ears?!?! They are still a bit big for her head but at least they aren't flopped forward anymore!


All grown up now!


Terry said...

Happy Birthday Zoey Girl...Grammy loves you!!!

Brandon and Becca said...

So cute. We had the same hat for Grace's birthday.