Friday, February 12, 2010

The loft: a work in progress

Wow its been a long time since I last posted! I thought it had only been a week or two but apparently my sense of time is a little off ...

Its been cold and rainy for the past few weeks so we've spent a lot of time lazing around indoors but its time to start being productive again! Apart from our bedroom the upstairs of our house is in a complete state of disarray so its definitely time to change that. First up: the loft!

The loft is mainly going to be a man room but will also store books, CDs, and games so I guess I'll get to go in there now and then :-)

This is the best pic I have of the room (from when we first moved in):


Over the past year we've filled it with a bunch of junk (actually stuff that will eventually go in there), painted the ceiling, cut in the walls, and replaced the ceiling fan. Currently it actually looks worse than when we started!


This is our plan for the furniture / layout:


(please excuse my kid-like drawings)

We got a great deal on an Ikea slip-covered sofa on craigslist and we're planning on building our own bookshelves. Besides the headboard I made for our bedroom neither of us has any woodworking experience so who knows how they'll turn out.

I found this awesome blog called knockoffwood and it has plans to make all kinds of furniture so we're using her plans to make these shelves:


Hopefully I'll be able to report back with some shelves that resemble these and not a crumbled pile of wood :-)

Since I work better under pressure I'm shooting for us to get most of the room done in the next month but considering how little we've done in the past year that might be a little optimistic!


In other news, Wednesday was the one year anniversary of the day we got Zeke. Its hard to believe we've had our sweet little boy for a whole year already.

He may look like a tough dog, but he spends his nights wrapped up in his blanket between us on the bed ...



Awwwwww :-)

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Terry said...

Love the Zekey photos..he is quite the handsome boy! Can't wait to see the finished room-I have no doubt it will look amazing like the rest of the house.