Sunday, December 7, 2008

Our New Digs!

We've had the keys to our house for almost 2 months now and I cant believe I haven't posted a picture of it yet!

It needs a little TLC inside and out but we love it! I still need to take some pictures of the inside. I am planning on doing before and after pics of each room and I'll post those, but seeing as we haven't actually finished a room yet it could be a while.

I think I have finally found a cure for my wedding obsession - decorating and renovating! I guess technically its more of a new obsession than a cure but hey, whatever works. My dreams are now filled with paint, window treatments, light fixtures, etc. - its fabulous!


Anonymous said...

The house looks great!!!!!!!!!

The Baldwins said...

I love your house! I love the picture of your cat in the window. I'm excited to to see the before and after shots.