Saturday, August 9, 2008

Soap Progress

For my first attempts at making soap I used Melt and Pour where you melt down the soap base, add fragrance and color, pour into molds, and once its set up you can use it. Well I got bored of that pretty quickly and decided to try Cold Process soap making. Cold Process involves using oils, sodium hydroxide and water to make soap from scratch. Each oil contributes different qualities to the soap and you can make up your own soap recipes to create the perfect bar. If you're kind of a nerd its awesome!!! The only downside is that the soap has to cure for 4 weeks before you can use it - its really hard to wait that long! Here are some pics of my first batches:

This is my very first batch - the creamy color is the natural color of the soap mix. In case you're wondering why I chose to make black swirls, its because I wanted to test out my black pigment.

I read about making soap with goats milk so I tried it out with this batch - supposedly it makes the soap really creamy. I also added some ground oatmeal for exfoliation. I am really excited about this bar!

As you can probably tell from the color this batch is scented with mint fragrance. I am still an amateur at making swirls, which is why the green doesn't go all the way to the bottom.

I have some ideas for some new soaps so stay tuned for more pictures. Josh is going to PA next week to visit his family so I'll probably work on some projects while he's gone.

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Brandon and Becca said...

Those are some fancy soaps. I love the black and white ones. You are so crafty!