Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bad hair day?

I just have to vent about my hair. I'm having a bad hair day. In fact, I have a bad hair day about 80% of the time. Granted, its partially my fault because I don't take the time to do anything with it except tie it up in a ponytail BUT its also my hair's fault. Its thick, bushy, frizzy, and wavy - just a bad combination. If I want to wear my hair down and have it look decent I have to invest approximately 1.5 hours working on it: blow drying it results in a huge 80's frizzy mess which then has to be flat ironed, followed by some kind of smoothing/de-frizzing serum. Seriously, who has that kind of time in the morning? I'd rather get more sleep!

I keep hoping that one of these years it will miraculously stop being unruly and start being fabulous but then I remember this picture in my baby book from when I was 8 months old:

This hair situation has been going on for 29 years - I'm not having a bad hair day, I'm having a bad hair life!


Tara said...

You have great hair, but all great hair requires work. I feel your pain.

I'm thinking of going dark again. What do you think?

Laura said...

I say go for it - you look great with dark hair!