Sunday, August 24, 2008

What the ?!?!

We had a bizarre mishap in the kitchen yesterday. Josh had just heated up some leftover risotto in the microwave and was stirring it to make sure it was evenly heated. I had my back to him when I heard a crash and I whipped around to this scene:

Apparently the bottom had fallen out of the bowl! The bowl was in one piece and then all of a sudden it cracked in a perfect circle and the bottom just fell out - I've never seen anything like it. Pure madness! Josh was really disappointed that his snack was all over the floor and contemplated scooping it up and eating it before common sense set in.

Now we're nervous to use the rest of those bowls which is a pity because I really like them.


Terry said...

When I first saw the pictures I thought Hobbes did a really big puke. I hope Josh found something else to eat.

Brandon and Becca said...

Are those Bamboo bowls?

Laura said...

Nope, they are Stoneware. Is Bamboo prone to this kind of madness?