Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hello 2010

I'm a little late on the new year post but as they say, better late than never :-)

Its hard to believe its the end of yet another decade, and what a decade it was!

This past decade I:

- Graduated college
- Had my heart broken so badly I thought it would never heal (it did)
- Had my last boyfriend (now my husband)
- Was boring and kept my hair long the entire time
- Got engaged, then got married
- Bought my (our) first home
- Gained a lot of weight on prednisone (and didnt lose any of it)
- Got my first pets: 2 cats and a dog (I'm not counting the ones I had when I lived with my parents because I wasn't totally responsible for them)
- Had 3 post college jobs and so far haven't loved any of them
- Bought too many black shirts
- Wore too much black
- Got into and then out of credit card debt

I learned a lot about myself and grew a lot.

I have given up on new year's resolutions because they never seem to last but I do have a few goals this year: I want to simplify my life, and use my time more productively.

Here's to a wonderful 2010!


Terry said...

Here's something else you managed to do.....make an entire family from Pennsylvania fall madly in love with you. You are without question the most amazing, talented young woman I have ever known and I'm so proud of you. Thanks for making my son so happy. Happy New Year-I know you will accomplish every single thing you set out to do!!!!

Terry said...

Love the new background design!!