Saturday, June 15, 2013


I've been MIA for quite a while.  Just been far too lazy to sit down and write blog posts.  I've made some tweaks around the house which I will hopefully get around to documenting soon.  In the meantime here's a summary of the past 9 months ...

In September we celebrated our five year anniversary (half a decade flew by way too fast!) with a weekend trip to Missoula, Montana.  We went for a Pearl Jam concert but also checked out some of the local attractions.

 photo IMG_1383web.jpg
Tired faces (6am flight = 3am wakeup)

 photo IMG_1391edcroppedweb.jpg
Looking a little more awake post nap.

We were pretty excited about seeing bison at the National Bison Range.
 photo IMG_1406edweb.jpg

Our first stop was looking at the map to figure out the best driving route to take.  I was wearing flip flops and a little mouse ran right over my foot resulting in much screaming from me and hysterical laughter from Josh.  With a start like that we should have known the outing wasn't going to go as planned.
 photo IMG_1394edweb.jpg

We drove and drove and didn't see a single bison.  I saw some brown dots far away on a hill and jokingly said to Josh "I bet those are the bison way over there in that fenced in area."
 photo IMG_1472edweb.jpg

At the end of the drive we stopped by the visitors center and guess what?  Two days a year the bison are rounded up for herd maintenance or something and we happened to come on one of the 2 days.  Those "brown dots" I saw were the bison!
 photo IMG_1472edbison.jpg

Luckily they had a stuffed bison at the visitors' center so we still got to see one.  Not quite as good as seeing one in the wild but better than nothing I guess.
 photo IMG_1482edweb.jpg

They had all these animal heads mounted to the wall and I thought the bison head was pretty cute.  Josh's favorite was the guy next to the bison head.
 photo Bisonrangewallmounted.jpg

They had this massive pile of antlers outside the visitors' center.  I was scared to get too close in case I had another run in with a mouse.
 photo IMG_1404edweb.jpg

After that I got a little lazy and didn't take many photos.  Missoula is a really cool little town and I would love to live somewhere like that.  Very eco conscious and dog friendly, with a beautiful river running through the downtown area.
 photo IMG_1509web.jpg

Josh had to pose with this guy at the airport.
 photo IMG_1519edweb.jpg

And then we flew off into the pretty sunset ...
 photo IMG_1524edweb.jpg

In October I got really sick one day.  I had a pain unlike any I'd ever experienced in my upper abdomen which was so bad I could barely breathe.  Then I started vomiting.  Oh the vomiting.  That went on all night and I resisted going to the ER but was at Urgent Care as soon as they opened.  The doctor insisted I had food poisoning, but I knew it was something else.  I didn't feel well all week and finally went back to the doctor 5 days later and was sent for an ultrasound.  Guess who was full of gallstones??  This girl.  Over the next week I started to feel better so like a dummy I decided to postpone having surgery.  My gallbladder behaved for a good month or so but then I started getting really sick again in December so I scheduled my surgery (which wasn't until January).  The 2 weeks prior to surgery were so bad but I really wanted to hold out and have outpatient surgery vs going to ER during an attack, being admitted, and having to stay a couple of days.  That pain is no joke though - I hope I don't have to go through anything like that again.

These are the little (big) troublemakers.
 photo Gallstonesweb.jpg

The dog-children turned a year older.
 photo IMG_1879edweb.jpg
We would be lost without these two :-)
 photo IMG_1893edweb.jpg
 photo IMG_1632edweb.jpg
Since then life has been pretty quiet.  We went to Philly in April for Josh's best friend's wedding but besides that we haven't done anything exciting.  You'd think I would have more to report after 9 months of silence, huh?!

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Terry said...

So great to see a new post-I was getting tired of seeing the Vegetable Garden everyday :) Thanks for updating...don't stop! More info on your house projects too please!!