Saturday, May 28, 2011


Well technically we're not kitchen-less - we're just countertop-and-sink-less which makes a kitchen pretty much useless.

After painting the upper cabinets a year ago we decided to wait until we could afford to replace the countertops before painting the lower cabinets. We were worried that demo'ing all that tile would scratch and ruin the painted finish (and we were right). Well we are finally ready to continue the kitchen project - woohoo!

First we removed all the drawers and doors so we could paint them. After getting a hefty quote for countertop removal we decided to do it ourselves - we figured it would take an afternoon (oh how wrong we were!).

This is the kitchen last weekend on Saturday morning:


And here it is now:



Whoever built the countertop really went the (unnecessary) extra mile to ensure they would last the test of time so what we thought would take an afternoon actually took almost 2 days. It was pretty bad. And noisy. Imagine 2 people with hammers and chisels / crowbars banging away for 2 days. Our poor neighbors. About half way through that hefty quote didn't seem like such a bad price! Unfortunately removing the backsplash tore some holes in the wall so I cut it all out and will have to patch it.

Our former sink.

Backsplash mess on the left and countertop rubble on the right.

It looks bad now (and we are still finding little pieces of concrete everywhere) but I am so excited for how it will (hopefully) look when its done!

The guy is coming out to make the template for the new countertop next week so its a good thing we have a 3-day weekend to get the walls patched and all the other little things we have to get done before he comes.

I'll post an update with our plan for the kitchen (countertops, backsplash, etc.) soon!


Terry said...

Looks like a lot of work and a real mess, but I'm sure it is going to look great when completed. Take come time to relax this weekend also. Will your countertops have a backsplash that will cover some of the damaged walls? Can't wait to see the pictures when it is done.

Brandon and Becca said...

That looks like it was a ton of work. I can't wait to see the finished product. It is much improved already.