Sunday, November 22, 2009

The worst project ever ...

First of all I must apologize for being a bad blogger. We haven't had much going on lately and the few things I have been doing aren't really interesting enough to blog about. Well actually we did go to Philly at the end of October and it was really fun, but I didn't really take any photos so I wont bore you with a picture-less post about it.

Anyway, on to the worst project ever!

Last weekend we started the greatly anticipated (and at the same time somewhat dreaded) project of painting the kitchen cabinets.

I know some people consider it a crime to paint wood, but really this wood is not in good shape. There is water damage by the sink, above the microwave, and in a few other spots, and it needs immediate attention before it gets worse. And lets not forget the color - yellow oak - not exactly my favorite look.

For your viewing pleasure here are some examples of the damaged, peeling varnish:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Before we decided to paint we looked at our options:
1. Have the cabinets refaced --- too expensive
2. Strip, sand and re-stain them --- way too much work (just the sanding alone had me convinced it was a no-go)
3. Lightly sand, prime and paint --- also a lot of work, but less than staining and we've already had some success painting the powder room vanity and the upstairs hallway cabinets

Well ...
We're about 1/4 of the way done and its officially the worst project ever - I feel like we're working on it constantly with the multiple coats on every surface, and ever since we started its been cold and moist here so everything takes longer to dry. But we cant stop now so we have to continue. So I guess I'll just whine about it until its all done, which at this rate will be in about a month. Hopefully it will fabulous when its all done and then it will all be worth it! :-)

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Terry said...

Sorry its been so awful. I asked Tom to work on our kitchen after the basement is done and sand, prime and paint our I'm not so sure after hearing about your experience. Looking forward to pictures when it is done-I know it will look amazing and be well worth it.