Saturday, September 12, 2009

I ♥ paint!

I continue to be amazed by the transforming ability of paint. Just a few coats can turn something ugly into something much more attractive!

In the hallway upstairs there is a cabinet that I think is supposed to be a linen closet. Like all the other wood in our house it was a yellowed oak.

We had painted the upstairs hallway and hung some frames but we just weren't feeling the look of the cabinet.

Then I got the idea to paint it. Because we're boring and love black we still had paint left over from when we painted the powder room vanity we decided to paint it black.

Here it is with the doors removed and the outside primed. Initially I had planned on only painting the outside but the inside is part wall and part particle board so I decided to paint it too.

After priming, 2 coats of paint and a coat of varnish it went from yellowed oak to snazzy black!

Josh and I have been collecting Pearl Jam concert posters for years so we have quite a collection sitting in art folders - its nice to finally get them out of storage and incorporate them into our decor!

You can't really tell in the photo below but I used leftover light blue paint from the living room for the inside of the cabinet - I thought it would look nice with our white towels.
You might be thinking that white is a very impractical color choice but really its great because it goes with everything and is easy to bleach. And it gives our bathroom a bit more of a hotel-ish vibe :-)

(Did you guess from the multiples of deodorant and toothpaste that we shop at Costco?)

On the left wall are some framed photos of our siblings through the years.
Here's a closeup of one side:

And here are the others:

(I just love that one of my brothers when they were little - I especially love how baby Shaun is bigger than 3 year old Andrew!)

The best part of this project is the cost. We already had the paint so we only had to buy hinges and knobs so the project cost us about $11!!!
Bit by bit we are eradicating the oak in this house! :-)


Terry said...

Looks fantastic!!!!! You are doing such a great job making the house your own. I love the sibling photos and so glad the PJ posters are being incorporated into the decor. You have an amazing home!!!!!!

Baldwin Family said...

I love it, of course. I especially love the Pearl Jam poster. You do such a great job and the black is very classy. I just love it.